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Philips storage media

The Philips storage media portfolio is based on a good – better – best proposition offering the right products for a diversity of customer segments. The portfolio contains USB flash drives, memory cards, solid state drives (SSD) and optical media.

A complete overview of all our Philips products can be found on https://philips-media.com/

Philips quality & product reliability

To guarantee the high quality level at all times, manufacturers are carefully selected and production facilities are audited on a regular basis. They also meet the strict demands of the EICC/RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) on social sustainability.

Brand awareness

The Philips brand is associated with reliability and world-wide the most know Dutch brand, nr. 57 on the 2021 Interbrand “Best Global Brands” list.

A broad range of mobile accessories

Grixx offers a complete range of mobile accessories that enable users to optimize the use of their mobile device. Each product offers great value for money and is developed and produced with respect for the environment, people and working conditions.

The range contains – amongst others – headphones, powerbanks, (wireless) chargers, sync & charge cables and many more!

A lot of attention is paid to the quality of the Grixx products, which means aluminium connectors and nylon braided cables for durability, MFI certification and good standards for sound quality with headphones.

Company Values

  • BSCI

We endorse the importance of equal and good working conditions for everyone within the production chain, that is why we are member of the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative).

Our products are only produced in factories that meet the BSCI standards. Grixx manufacturers adhere to a code of conduct including a ban on child and forced labor, safe and healthy working conditions and the freedom to be a member of a (trade) union.

    • Quality

    A lot of attention is paid to product quality and value for money.

    This means, for example, that all our Lightning cables are MFI-certified to ensure that they will continue to work properly, even after an iOS update. The charge & sync cables have aluminium connectors and are nylon braided, making them as durable as cables can be.

    • Certification & legislation

    All our products are manufactured in factories that meet all applicable certificates and declarations. All relevant documents, such as a CE declaration of conformity, Rohs, REACH and WEEE declarations, will be available for reference for a period of 10 years.

    A complete overview of all our Grixx products can be found on https://www.grixx.eu/